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Bailgate Independent magazine was born 14 years ago following owners Tony and Mandy Copeland’s move to Lincoln from London.

The couple set up Fire Works Design Ltd. (so called because it was sited in the old fire station in uphill Lincoln) and shortly after Bailgate Independent magazine.

The magazine initially concentrated on the uphill Bailgate area but has subsequently grown to cover the affluent residential and business areas of Lincoln and surrounding villages.

Bailgate Independent has developed into a unique publication in Lincoln by breaking the normal publishing design ‘rules’. The result is an attractive publication which manages to have something for everyone and one which has and is, continuing to go from strength to strength in a very competitive market.

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The magazine has a circulation of 10,000 and this can be verified with Ruddocks Design & Print of Lincoln. If you advertise in this magazine you can be sure that 10,000 copies are produced and delivered - ask most magazine publishers for verification on the amount they produce and most of them will shy away from a straight answer and definitely from verification from their printers.

Fire Works Design Ltd. continues fireworks logoto produce
graphic design solutions from corporate design to sales promotion.


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